Cancellation and Refund Conditions


By subscribing to Rein, you agree to pay Prometech or annual payment fees for these Services by obtaining the necessary prior information about the services. For each service period, payment is taken annually or monthly at the beginning of this period and it is not possible to refund the payment received for any reason.

You can purchase Rein membership on behalf of your company. Prometech may offer a free trial period for certain packages or features, limited to the time it has set. If you decide to continue using it at the end of the free trial period, you must report this request to Rein and switch to paid membership. Otherwise, you acknowledge, declare and undertake that your company account, which has been opened for trial purposes, will be suspended, the information registered in it will not be accessible, and you will not be able to make any requests against Prometech due to the inability to access this information.

If the 20-day period above has not yet expired when you start the paid Rein membership, your free trial membership will automatically expire and you will be billed for the first period of use as of the date and time the membership starts. Unless you inform Rein that you want to cancel the service received before the end of the current service period, next year’s or monthly fees will be billed and sent to you. No refunds or additional credits are given for months of incomplete use, service change or months with no open account. Any changes you make to your membership take effect immediately.

Prometech can keep the information and documents of the expenditure received by you for collection purposes and the information and documents kept for the collection of periodical actions, and copy them if necessary.

Prometech, due to the refunds to be made to real credit card holders due to the chargeback-chargeback objections to be made by third parties, that the credit card you used when signing up to Prometech is a credit card issued on behalf of the company or issued on behalf of the company partners. You acknowledge that you will be liable for damages incurred by and that you will be subject to legal action regarding fraud and misuse of such actions in your country.